HR Advisory Services

HR Advisory Services

Today organisations have to face fierce competition, both internally and externally, in context of this competition enormous changes have been taking place in HR Practices, demanding more sophisticated approach to design, develop and implement customized solutions. Thus progressive organisations will ensure their HR practices remain competitive against comparable organisations. Accurate and timely information is increasingly necessary to make important decisions in the interest of short term & long-term goals of the company.

At Openmind, we are committed to provide customised HR Solutions to improve performance of an organisation. Our key role is to assist clients to identify needs, develop strategy, methodology along with action / implementation plan. Our tailor-made solutions helps customers to improve people process, productivity, engagement and employee benefit plans.

HR Policies & Manuals

HR Policy Manual

A comprehensive HR Manual providing guidelines to employee/employer for proper conduct of business & eradicating bias

Induction Manual/ Employee Handbook

A structured documents informing a new entrant about the policies, culture, philosophy of the organisation to create a positive feel during the induction period of the employee

Best Practies Benchmarking

Benchmark & analysis of the benefits provided to employees. Benchmarking the best practices & designing suitable pratices to create employee delight & organisation band

HR Audit

A review of the implementation of the HR Policies, systems & procedures for improvements in the organisational practices. It consists of diagnosing, analysing evaluation & assessing future lines of action in HRM

HR Diagnostic Studies

Employee Engagement Survey

A customized survey to identify the level of commitment & involvement of employees towards the organisation, its values & culture

Employee Satisfaction Survey

A strategic survey to identify the employee's satisfaction level on various related issues in an organisation to improve motivation & morale of employees

Employe Attitude Survey

To provide an overview of how successful an organisation is in building a "Positive Work Environment". It's a survey to determine employee's perception of the work & the workplace

Employee Attrition Survey

Feedback from Ex-employees to identify the areas of improvement in culture, system, policies & Schemes which affect motivation & retention of employees